Efficient Industrial Pumps to Handle Varied Kinds of Liquids

A Double Screw Pump is built and designed to efficiently handle the most difficult applications and liquids. These pumps can efficiently handle the transfer of liquids without any metal-to-metal contact. They are suitable for a wide range of liquids including corrosive and aggressive fluids. These pumps are highly efficient as they can also operate in extreme conditions of multiple phases, extreme temperatures and dry applications. They are used for a range of applications like crude oil gathering, stripping, vapor recovery and pipeline transport. The Twin Screw or Double Screw Pumps maintains the perfect hydraulic balance while transporting the liquids from the suction end to the discharge end of the pump.

A Helical Rotor Pump is a kind of Positive Displacement Pump that is extremely sturdy and robust. These pumps are built and designed to be used in remote and difficult conditions. These kinds of pumps are extremely easy to install and ensure cost-efficient pumping. The machinery for Helical Rotor Pumps comprises of a stator made with abrasion-resistant rubber and a hard chrome plated helical rotor made of stainless steel. These pumps ensure excellent hydraulic efficiency and are non-shearing in nature.   These pumps are also self-cleaning. They are widely used in a number of industries like pharmaceuticals, industrial water waste and agriculture.

A Snake Pump is used for applications involving the transportation of thick and viscous liquids. These pumps are also a type of Positive Displacement Pumps and can efficiently handle fluids with solid components while maintaining a smooth flow of liquids. The speed of these pumps can be changed to suit the requirements of individual applications.  These kinds of pumps are screw-type that can facilitate artificial lifting methods.

Roto Pumps is one of the ten leading manufacturers and suppliers of Positive Displacement Pumps in the world. Roto Pumps also offers high-quality Double Screw Pumps with twin profile screw spindles facilitating higher volume delivery.  

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