Marine, Sugar, Paper Pulp Pumps: Facilitating Liquid Based Sectors

Cutting across 25 industries and establishing its name in around 50 countries, Roto Pumps manufactures a multitude of industrial pumps. Industries such as sugar, paper, and marine are primarily based on liquid raw materials and also produce a humungous amount of liquid waste material. The waste produced in these sectors has high toxic value, which requires a safe transfer. To enable the efficient working of the production units, Roto Pumps create certified Marine pumpsSugar Industry pumps, and Paper pulp pumps.

The heavy-duty Marine Pumps handle the flow of liquid from engine rooms to cargo. Progressive capacity pumps are applied in both engine room pumping and cargo pumping. Marine Pumps by Roto Pumps, transports liquids with a range of densities in the engine room. The extensive range includes seawater, lube oil, heavy fuel oil, hydraulic oil, engine fuel oil, lubricants, marine diesel oil, and sludge. As for the cargo chamber, the Marine pumps enhance the easy flow of brine, mud, offshore recovered oil, chemicals, thermal oil, fuel oil, lubricants, and vegetable oil. These pumps are also applicable in the disposal of waste that includes sewage, sludge, slurry, muddy water, food waste, and biowaste.

Production of sugar is primarily based on liquid raw materials and hot water. The juice extracted from sugar cane is converted to molasses and then the final product, sugar is obtained. Molasses is very difficult to handle. Molasses are to be treated with hot water to convert to sugar. To keep a constant unobstructed flow is quintessential. Roto Pumps is committed to assist the sugar industry by manufacturing Sugar Industry Pumps that are the foundation of the production process. The disposal of bagasse and other liquid waste material is also enabled by these pumps.

Paper Industry uses raw materials that are highly viscous that requires sturdy and durable Paper Pulp pumps. The production of paper uses multiple chemicals, which are transferred by highly efficient pumps made up of rotor and stator material. Making paper is a four-step process viz; pulp making, pulp preparation, paper making, and paper coating. All four stages deal with a multitude of liquid material with differing viscosity. Paper Pulp pumps facilitate unhindered flow of high-density pulp to low-density pulp, various chemicals, wax, starch, coloring agent, polyvinyl alcohol, and different sorts of liquid material used in the production of the final product.

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