Architecture is a connection with the past. Conversely, our concern is not for relics but for the revitalization of historic buildings, repurposing them for a new generation. Today’s structure can communicate memory, but it can also communicate values and a sense of place. Airdrome in Beijing, for example, is designed as a symbolic gateway to China – its form and use of color in the columns and roof, which flow from the colour red to yellow, purposely evoke traditional Chinese symbols even though the design is state-of-the-art.


Top architectural firms in Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore and other metropolitan and developing cities are moving fast towards the next level in architecture. The varying scenario of architecture in modern India, both as a lifestyle and as a profession, has been eye-opening. When it comes to a perfect lifestyle, we never predicted the extent to which architecture and design could affect us as well as the society and culture we live in. With the constant need for adopting more sustainable practices in order to stop the deterioration happening to the environment, “green buildings” are something that has been largely overlooked in India. Top architects With India having ratified the COP 21 climate change agreement, green buildings promises to be a great source to reduce the overall Carbon footprint.

AREA SURROUNDED WITH LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTUREBest architect in Chandigarh design the area, surrounding our conventional buildings with landscaping or green management while other construction companies to install those designs. It’s almost like a fashion designer imagining an outfit while a clothing manufacturer makes the garment, or an artist designing a wall poster that gets printed by another company. Best architects in Punjab who are also esteemed landscape architects,ensure sustainable development.Beyond building corporations, landscape architects in India often collaborate with a whole lot of other professionals to make up an entire design team. Such a high scale project like not only includes landscape architects, but architects, engineers, and even multiple contractors. Other projects may include planners, horticulturists, soil scientists, medical professionals, or some other specializations in order to solve the design challenge at hand. For more Information

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