What Contributes To Improved Performance Of Dosing Pumps

Accurate precision dosing ability makes the dosing pump part of the manufacturing unit in leading industries and brands across the world. This feature makes this pump ideal for wastewater management, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industry, mining industry, food, and beverage industry. In these industries, dosing duties have required that range from being intermittent to continuous. Extensive R&D has led Roto Pumps to develop pumps that could handle the extremely low velocity of fluids up to 0.68 LPH, as well as a fluid flow that can be high as 500 LPH. Irrespective of the velocity of flow, the dosing pump never fails to ensure proportionate fluid dosing for complex industrial applications.

Roto PumpsDosing Pump

The chemical dosing pump of Roto Pumps has the best quality pressure switch, gauges, relief valves, and strainers. To handle the high-pressure condition inside the pump shaft, the in-built pressure switch are built. Not just high-pressure situations, these switches can also handle low pressure which might affect the dosing application. In case of extremely low pressure, the pressure switch makes the system trip, thereby protecting the pump set and the overall production system. One such pressure switch is situated at the discharge port.

The relief valves also help in releasing the pressure built up inside the pump, especially in closed-top vessels and the pipes. These valves usually have control valves that can be readjusted for its oil content, versatility, setting and repeatability. The relief valve feature in dosing pumps could be customized also. The valves are available in both manual and automatic variety. Often unwanted solid matters get into the system, disrupting the whole system. Being the leading dosing pump manufacturer, Roto Pumps assures quality along with efficiency as it is seen in the compactness in size and settings of the valve. The high-quality strainers add to the security aspect of the pumps, preventing it from damages from dust, dirt and foreign particles.

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